It all Started in 2004, when was founded by V.Venaya Kumar ,with the vision of having own Manufacturing & Assembly of Office Chairs.Started with the stretch from serving of chairs to Manufacturing of furniture in office furniture industry. Which is now a trial-blazer for every one to follow .This Vision did not only drive the company towards the of unparelled Sucess.but also established its presence as a clear leader in the Office Furniture Industry Sector.

Managing Director

Our Values

We at believe in customer satisfaction, thats why we always aim at produce ergonomically innovative and quality products that adds comfort at work place

Our Vision

High on aesthetics
Low maintenance
Ergonomically designed to create comfort in workspace

Our Mission

Achieving customer delights through optimized space solutions developing products to switch customer needs. Developing products to suit customer needs

Our Qualities


Service & Refurbished


Hot Chairs to serve you better....

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